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QTP Training in Tambaram

QTP Training in Tambaram

QTP Training in Tambaram by MNC Expert. TIC Academy is the best QTP Training Institute in Tambaram. We have been into QTP Training for more than 10+ years. Best QTP Training Institute in Tambaram we cover basic to advanced level topics in QTP. All the modules are covered completely hands on practical based training in Tambaram. TIC Academy offers No.1 QTP Training in Tambaram.

QTP Training in Tambaram

Best QTP Training in Tambaram

Our HP Quick Test Professional training center is equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide HP Quick Test Professional certification training path for our students in Tambaram. Our HP Quick Test Professional course fee is value for money and tailor-made course fee based on the each student’s training requirements. QTP training in Tambaram conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.

QTP Training Institute in Tambaram

We have designed our QTP course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone’s career goal. In our QTP training program, you will learn About QTP, QTP testing Process, Object Repository, Conditional and looping Statement, Frameworks, Scripting in QTP, Batch Testing, QTP real time project and HP Quick Test Professional placement training.

QTP Training Center in Tambaram

Our HP Quick Test Professional training center is equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide HP Quick Test Professional certification training path for our students in Tambaram. Our HP Quick Test Professional course fee is value for money and tailor-made course fee based on the each student’s training requirements. QTP training in Tambaram conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.

Why to learn QTP Training in TIC Academy ?

  • Two days free trial – If candidate likes this course, these days are adjusted in his actual schedule.
  • Live Project Exposure of Fortune companies.
  • Training by Subject Matter experts from CMM Level 5 companies
  •  Both Online and Classroom Training offered at QTP
  •  Our basic course worth more than the advanced course of other institutes/freelancers.
  • Free Interview preparations.
  • 100% free assistance for QTP certifications.
  •  Practical and Hands on Training for QTP Course in Tambaram.
  • 100 % guarantee in succeeding the certification at affordable fees.
  • Also provide online training to students of foreign countries.

Admission Procedure for QTP Training in Tambaram

  • Needed Students only with Computer Science Background
  • Passport size photograph for life time support ID
  • Address proof & ID Proof
  • Emergency Contact Number

QTP Training in Tambaram Course Highlights

  • Our Training Center batch sizes are generally very small size 3-5 members OR 1 to 1 also, so students receive direct, hands-on training from us.
  • 100% practical training only. It is not a slide show training program / theory class program.
  • At the end of this class, definitely you will refer your colleagues / friends / relatives for our training.
  •  Conducting regularly online QTP training for US peoples in all time zones (PST,CST,EST,HST,MST)
  • Installation of Software’s in your desktop / laptop will be done.
  • Will be provided self evaluation testing software, exam simulator, dumps & books with this training.
  • Continuous support is provided for any of your on-site problems. Assistance will be provided and you will be recommended to some of IT development firms.

QTP Training in Tambaram Course Fees

  • Rs.10,000 with easy Installments

What is QTP?

Its an HP Automated software testing is a process in which software tools execute pre-scripted tests on a software application before it is released into production. In this method the tester plays an important role as end user and verify all features of the application to ensure that the behavior of the application.

Our QTP Training Review

QTP Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to Automation Testing

  • What is Automation Testing
  • When Automation is needed
  • When Automation is not needed
  • Advantages of Automation Testing
  • Disadvantages of Automation Testing
  • What are the popular Automation Tools in the industry
  • What is the difference between various Automation Testing Tools

Introduction to QTP

  • QTP IDE , Basic Components in QTP , Addin Manager
  • How does QTP works/Object recognition concept
  • Record a sample Test
  • Understand the Script
  • Execution of a Test
  • Enhancement of recorded script

Framework in QTP

  • What is Framework
  • Types of Framework
  • Linear Scripting
  • Structured Scripting
  • Data Driven
  • Keyword Driven
  • Modular Driven
  • Hybrid

Object Repository

  • QTP Classes and Objects
  • Details of OR
  • Types of OR
  • How to create OR
  • Test Object Vs Run time Object
  • Configuring Object identification
  • Object Spy
  • Object Properties
  • Logical Name
  • Mandatory/Assistive properties /Ordinal identifier
  • Smart Identification
  • Compare and Merge options

Recording Modes

  • What is Recording Modes
  • Types of Recording Modes
  • Normal Recording Mode
  • Analog Recording Mode
  • Low Level Recording Mode


  • What is Checkpoint
  • Why Checkpoint is needed
  • Types of Checkpoint
  • Different ways of Inserting Checkpoints


  • What is Parameterization
  • Why Parameterization is needed
  • Types of Parameterization
  • Datatable,Random Number and Environment Number Parameterization
  • How to access data from Global Sheet and Local sheet


  • What is Action
  • Types of Actions
  • Methods to import an Action
  • Call to New
  • Call to Existing
  • Call to Copy

Regular Expression

  • Regular Expression
  • When to Use Regular Expression
  • How to use Regular Expression in Descriptive Programming

Recovery Scenarios

  • Handling the exception using Recovery Scenario Manager
  • Usage of Recovery Scenario Wizard
  • Completing a Recovery Scenario
  • Creation and Association of .QRS file for Recovery Scenario

Step Generator

  • What is Step Generator
  • How to Generate script using Step Generator
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of using Step Generator

Virtual Object

  • What is Virtual Object
  • When Virtual Object is used
  • Limitations of Virtual Object


  • When Debugging is used
  • Step Into
  • Step Out
  • Step Over

Descriptive Programming

  • What is Descriptive Programming
  • Types of Descriptive Programming
  • Working with DP Object
  • Working with Object Collection

Basics of VB Scripting

  • Data Types, Variables, Constant
  • Operators-Arithmetic,comparison,Concatenation,Logical
  • Conditional construct If Then Else and Select Case
  • Looping Construct Do,While,For Next, For Each Next
  • Arrays and Functions
  • Important Inbuilt functions

QTP Real time Scenarios

  • How to start in real time projects
  • How to connect to the Database
  • How to get input value from the external excel sheet

QTP Trainer profile in Tambaram

Our QTP Trainers

  • More than 8 Years of experience in QTP domain
  • Has worked on various real-time QTP projects
  • Working in a MNC company in Chennai
  • Trained 3000+ Students so far.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • QTP certified Professionals

QTP Placement Training in Tambaram

  • More than 5000+ students Trained
  • 90% percent Placement Record
  • 500+ Interviews Organized

QTP Training batch size in Tambaram

Regular Batch ( Morning, Day time & Evening)

  • Seats Available : 5 (maximum)

Weekend Training Batch( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

  • Seats Available : 5 (maximum)

Fast Track batch

  • Seats Available : 5 (maximum)

QTP Training duration in Tambaram

Regular Classes( Morning, Day time & Evening)

  • Duration : 4 weeks

Weekend Training Classes( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

  • Duration : 7 Weeks

Fast Track Training Program( 0+ hours classes daily)

  • Duration : within 3 weeks

QTP Corporate Training in Tambaram

Our Corporate training programs feature:

  • Customized training programs
  • Flexible Training Schedule – courses can be delivered at your chosen convenient time.
  • Hands-on training
  • Flexible group size
  • Affordable Price
  • Most advanced Training Resources – structured course material, learning CDs, highly experienced and certified faculty members.
    Video Tutorials will be provided and QTP software will be provided

QTP Online Training in Tambaram

  • Custom lessons with specific terminology and examples from your business
  • Designed and developed from scratch with your employees in mind
  • Simulations are based on your QTP system, mirroring your exact system version, configuration and business processes
  • Courses can be organized by business process or job role and include any functionality that you desire.

QTP Training Support – Tambaram Location

Mobile : 86800 73004

QTP Recruiting Companies

  1. Cognizant
  2. Wipro
  3. TCS and Many More Companies

QTP Certification Training in Tambaram

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FAQ for QTP Training in Tambaram

Who will be your QTP Trainer ?

Our Trainer is having more than 10+ Years of experience in QTP Domain.

Will you provide placement for QTP ?

100% Placement assistance.

How many students per batch for QTP ?

3 to 4 Members per batch.

What is the Duration of QTP course ?

30 hrs with flexible timings.

What is the course fees for QTP Course ?

Rs.10000 will be the course fees with easy installments.

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