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SAP ABAP Interview Questions

Most Important SAP ABAP Interview Questions

SAP ABAP Interview Question read it nicely and crack the job. The following questions are shared by person who have 10+ years of SAP ABAP Experience.

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SAP ABAP Interview Questions

Don’t Forget to Read Following SAP ABAP Interview Questions and Crack your Job

  1. What is an internal table and work area in SAP ABAP ?
  2. How much memory will be allocated for internal table and work area ?
  3. What is types statement in SAP ABAP programing ?
  4. How do you read data from database table in SAP ABAP ?
  5. What is difference between append and insert statements in SAP ABAP ?
  6. What is webdynpro for ABAP ?
  7. what is the event that will be triggered first in an ABAP report?
  8. What are the differences between simple and interactive ABAP reports?
  9. Types of ABAP reports in SAP?
  10. How many lists can be displayed through an interactive report?
  11. what are the events in interactive reporting?
  12. What is the length of function code at user-command?
  13. What is an ABAP data dictionary?
  14. What are domains and data element?
  15. What is foreign key relationship?
  16. Describe data classes in SAP ?
  17. What are indexes in SAP tables?
  18. Difference between transparent tables and pooled tables?
  19. What is an ABAP/4 Query in SAP?
  20. What is BDC programming ?
  21. What are internal tables?
  22. What are the components of SAP scripts?
  23. Can we write the code both call transaction and session method in single program?
  24. Which BDC technique you prefer?
  25. When you prefer LSMW in SAP?
  26. Difference between .include and .append?
  27. How to debug sapscripts ?
  28. What is occurs in internal table?
  29. Type of parameters to pass to RFC pass by value or pass by referance ?
  30. Buffering concept usage in SAP Tables?
  31. Which BDC you prefer for data migration?
  32. Preformance techniques in ABAP reports
  33. How to debug sapscripts in SAP?
  34. What is occurs in internal table?
  35. How the values will be passed to RFC Function module PassbyValue or Passbyreference?
  36. Select up to 1 row and select single difference ?
  37. How to Debug RFC Function module?
  38. Why sapscripts are client dependent and smart forms are client independent.?
  39. Control break events in ABAP?
  44. What is the difference between AT SELECTION-SCREEN and AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT?
  45. What is the difference between SY-INDEX and SY-TABIX?
  46. What is the difference between VIEW and a TABLE in SAP?
  47. What is the difference between PASS BY VALUE and PASS BY REFERENCE?
  48. What is the difference between Master data and Transaction data in SAP?
  49. What will you use SELECT SINGLE or SELECT UPTO 1 ROWS?
  50. How to transport variants in SAP ABAP?
  51. How to create checkbox in selection-screen using write statement?
  52. Can a domain, assigned to a data element be changed?
  53. What is a Data Class in SAP Data Dictionary?
  54. What is a Size Category in SAP Data Dictionary?
  55. What are the Data types of the ABAP/4 layer?
  56. What are local objects in SAP?
  57. What are two methods of modifying SAP standard tables?
  58. To how many tables can an append structure be assigned?
  59. What is a Match Code in SAP Data Dictionary?
  60. Can you delete a domain, which is being used by data elements?
  61. What is the function of a Domain in SAP Data Dictionary?
  62. Can you delete data element, which is being used by table fields.
  63. What are subroutines in SAP Programs?
  64. Difference between IDOC and IDOC type?
  65. What is a table pool in SAP?
  66. What is the difference between SY-TABIX and SY-INDEX?
  67. Which client number you use for the current project?
  68. You are running a report. It is taking long time for execution. What steps will you do to reduce the execution time?
  69. After running a BDC program in background, next day morning when you see the results, few records are not updated(error records). What will you do then?
  70. You are given functional specs for a BDC program and you need to decide whether to write a method call transaction or a session. How u will decide?
  71. What is the difference between report and script?
  72. How do you get functional specs when you are assigned some object?
  73. What are conversion routines in SAP ABAP?
  74. What is Modularization and its benefits?
  75. What is the difference between the function module and a normal ABAP/4 subroutine?
  76. What is a function Group in SAP?
  77. What are logical databases? What are the advantages/disadvantages of logical databases?
  78. How to transport text elements in SAP ABAP?
  79. What is the last entry in all BDC tables?
  80. What are the types of parameters in the function modules?
  81. What is the difference between Leave Transaction and Call Transaction?
  82. Which event is executed first at-selection-screen or at-selection-screen-output in sap abap?
  83. What is the difference between Structure and work area?
  84. what is structure of IDOC?
  85. How can debug runtime IDOC?
  86. How to avoid Transport Request in Table maintenance Generator??
  87. What is the use of Folder in Smartforms ?
  88. what is extension in and extension out in BAPI ?
  89. In interactive report if user 19 times double clicked, again he want to main screen.. how can do this?
  90. What is the difference in a Table and a Template in Smartform?
  91. Can you move a Smartform from one SAP system to another without using transports?
  92. Can you have a Smartform without a main window?
  93. How do you find the name of the Function Module for a Smartform?
  94. How data is stored in cluster table?
  95. What are client dependant objects in abap/sap?
  96. On which event we can validate the input fields in module programs?
  97. In selection screen I have three fields, plant mat no and material group. If I input plant how do I get the mat no and material group based on plant dynamically
  98. How do you get output from IDOC?
  99. When top of the page event is triggered?
  100. Can we create field without data element and how?
  101. How do we debug sapscript?
  102. How can I copy a standard table to make my own z_table.
  103. What is the use of “FOR ALL ENTRIES” in SAP ABAP ?
  104. Can you set up background processing using CALL TRANSACTION?
  105. What are the difference between Table and Structure?
  106. What are field symbols in SAP ABAP?
  107. Can you have a Smartform without a main window?
  108. How do you find the name of the Function Module for a Smartform? When is this function module created?
  109. What is a Final Window in smartforms?
  110. What is the transaction for Recording BDC ?
  111. How do you read files from the Application server ?
  112. How do you read/write files from/to the presentation server in SAP ABAP ?
  113. What are the different modes of processing batch input sessions?
  114. What is the structure of the BDC table?
  115. How do you do BDC for a table control?
  116. Are sapscripts client dependent or independent ?
  117. What are components of Layout Set in sapscript?
  118. Differentiate between Page1 & Page2 format in sapscript?
  119. How many main windows can we define per form and per page in sapscripts?
  120. Differentiate between Character format & Paragraph format in sapscript?
  121. What is SAP style maintainace ?
  122. How will create standard text? How will you insert standard text in SAP Script?
  123. Can we use Function Modules in sapscript layout set ?
  124. Can we use Subroutine within a sapscript Layout set?
  125. Can we call another Form from same print program in sapscript?
  126. How do you upload logo in SAP script ?
  127. I have 1 basic list and 15 secondary list in interactive report. If i am in 9th list, how can i come directly to the basic list?
  128. I have a Ztable, I wants to add one more field to the table without disturbing previous data, what should I do ?
  129. Can we sort internal table without using SORT statement ? Explain ?
  130. What are dynamic modifications of a screen? explain?
  131. Can we use call transaction and session method in the same program ? explain ?
  132. Can we display multiple ALV`s in the same screen without using container ?
  133. How do we generate IDOC in SAP ?
  134. How to reprocess error IDOC’s ?
  135. How to reprocess edited IDOC’s ?
  136. Can we have the same append structure in more then one Database Table ?
  137. What is TMG in SAP ?
  138. Difference between select option and ranges in SAP ABAP ?
  139. Can you define a field without a data element in SAP ABAP ?
  140. What is difference between Internal Table without Header Line and Internal Table with Header Line.
  141. what is the tcode for output types ?
  142. What is the diff between select single star and select up to ?
  143. What is difference between Function module and RFC?
  144. What is the difference between BAPI and RFC?
  145. What is the role of NAST table in SAP ?
  146. What is the role of TNAPR table in SAP ?
  147. How to create a JOB in SAP ?
  148. What is database LUW in SAP ?
  149. What is the role of MODIF ID in abap ?
  150. Describe Internal Table and Work area?
  151. How to modify a standard smartform ?

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